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human resource management: theory and practice

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The list of cost headings, shown in Figure 5.2, demonstrates that designing and maintaining a safe work environment can improve productivity by reducing time lost due to work-related accidents, as well as avoiding the costs present in every work-related accident and illness. 5. According to one industrial relations academic, the legislation has marked 'a radical shift from the consensus underlying "public policy" on industrial relations during most of the past century' (Hyman, 1987, p. 93). This refers to the extent to which a selection technique achieves consistency in what it is measuring over repeated use. Johnston said there was an element of 'catch-up' about the employment conditions package, because the steel industry was following the broad thrust of changes that had occurred in other sectors. Conditions in the external labour market will therefore be another factor determining management style, policies and practices. These problems may be inflexibility to change, strikes or absenteeism, and management sees a solution in the introduction of employee involvement (Charlton, 1983, p. 76). In the early period of the HRM debate the overexposure of a relatively small number of cases gave the impression that more change was taking place than was really the case. Amit, R. and Shoemaker, P.J.H. In recent years, the undoubted expertise that exists within the UK advertising industry has been utilized in company recruitment. Traditionally, in the industrial relations literature, management style is composed of two dimensions: individualism and collectivism (Purcell, 1987). Bain, G. The obvious concern is that if there is only one respondent per establishment, 'any idiosyncratic opinions or interpretations of the questions can distort the results' (Ichniowski et al., 1996, p. 309). There has been a marked shift towards recruitment adverts that are creative and reflect the skills normally used in product marketing. The degree of competition among producers and the level of the demand for products are the two key product market factors. Page 140 Occupational health problems and issues Many employees would probably say they were not healthy if the WHO definition of health quoted above was used as a benchmark. Different HRM approaches are called 'third-order' strategic decisions because they establish the basic parameters of labour management in the workplace. Research by Tyson (1995a, p. 82) found that while there were many differences between organizations, HRM could help shape the direction of change, influence culture and 'help bring about the mind set which decides which strategic issues are considered'. Although managerial techniques for monitoring work teams remain primitive, work team autonomy has not eliminated worker resistance and managerial control continues to be contested (McKinlay and Taylor, 1998). Fiat SpA came in second with 12.2 per cent. The job's relative value to the organization is determined by its ranking by the job analysis and job evaluation processes. and Duguid, P. (1991) Organizational learning and communities-of-practice: toward a unified view of working, learning and innovation', Organization Science, 2(1): 40– 7. Further, in the area of compensation management, successive Conservative and Labour governments blew 'hot and cold' towards voluntary or statutory income policy. In a nutshell, the normative HRM models represent a renaissance of unitarism or a non-union labour strategy. Dickens, L. (1998) What HRM means for gender equality, Human Resource Management Journal, 8(1): 23–45. Over the past two years his department has delayered, introduced self-managed teams, expanded the role of secretaries and reduced the number of job descriptions from 58 to five. Indeed, these terms are frequently used interchangeably in everyday speech. The defining characteristics of organizational communications are explained, as are the different perspectives on the role of communications. Donaldson has recommended that his members accept the proposals. Reilly, B., Paci, P. and Holl P. (1995) Unions, safety committees and workplace injuries, British Journal of Industrial Relations, 33(2): 275–87. With a growing awareness among practitioners and scholars of using gender-neutral language, human resource has been adopted by some to avoid gender-biased phrases such as 'manpower administration' and 'manpower planning'. Her weight ballooned by nearly 100 pounds; her doctor put her on tranquilizers, but they compounded the problem by making her slower on the job. Although turnover was 33 per cent last year, the company is confident that morale is rising and long-term loyalty has increased. The advantage with this approach is that it permits a larger sample to be collected quickly, and at a lower cost. The hypothesis is that HRM practices play a key role in constituting the self, in defining the nature of work, and in organizing and controlling employees. 'Job rotation, job enlargement and job enrichment are simply attempts by managers to control individuals at work.' In this section, we have discussed the espoused purposes of appraisal and how some of the research evidence has indicated that, in reality, appraisal may be less than effective in the achievement of these. Recent work in understanding what makes people exert effort has shown that a variety of factors contribute to this process, such as clarity of role, recognition, challenge, self-expression and contribution. You usually find that it would seem those people are going to start moving fast. Peck, S. (1994) Exploring the link between organizational strategy and the employment relationship: the role of human resource policies, Journal of Management Studies, 31(5): 715–36. Betcherman et al., for example, note that most variable reward systems fail to 'stick' for economic reasons; there were no profits or productivity gains to share (1994, p. 42). It is the organization's raison d'être, and indicates the direction senior management is going. Compliance to management demands is a control system based upon formally established rules and procedures. Accident inspections will follow an accident or dangerous incident ('near miss') in the workplace. Watson goes on to note that it is the task of management to influence this process to the advantage of the organization but other parties involved may have different interests. 3. Piore, M. and Sabel, C. (1984) The Second Industrial Divide, New York: Basic Books. Leicester, C. (1989) The key role of the line manager in employee development, Personnel Management, March: 53–7. (1988) Trade Unions in Britain Today, Manchester: Manchester University Press. In North America many companies have introduced self-directed teams and have empowered team members to hire, discipline and dismiss employees and to make decisions over how they do their jobs, set targets, and set pay rates. Thus, 'objective' measurement of job worth is impossible. Anything less than total support from top management raises questions about the sincerity of the organization's commitment in the eyes of employees, government agencies and the public at large. HRP and the HRM cycle In terms of the HRM cycle (Figure 1.2), human resource planning (HRP), in theory, serves as the integrating link between strategic business planning and strategic HRM. Elger, T. and Smith, C. (1994) Global Japanization? Bennision, M. (1980) The IMS Approach to Manpower Planning, Brighton: IMS. One outcome of this shift in employment was greater concern for workers' welfare in industrial work. Other forms of individual rewards include benefits (pensions, private health and dental insurance), and paid leave from work (for example, paid leave for full-time education, civic duties). The past two decades have witnessed a dramatic reduction in collective bargaining at industry and national level. Structure. Cost of material or equipment damage: In this instance the casing of a 5 hp electric motor was cracked beyond repair and replaced by a new motor Installation cost 3. The deal, originally struck in 1994 to last for three years, has already been extended twice. And why do different employees doing an identical job for the same employer receive different pay? In such cases, evaluation serves to provide feedback to trainers, so that small adjustments and improvements may be made to activities, or to provide data to prove training meets objectives set, so that expenditure on training may be justified. Today the hierarchy is flattening and, as a result of information technology and re-engineering, the development of managers is more horizontal than vertical (Champy, 1996). The strategic management model depicts the five main activities undertaken by senior managers as a rational and linear process. Social factors impinge on reward management, such as employee expectations and notions of 'fairness' regarding their pay. Processing of Information Pre-interview Use of application forms and photographs to reject on grounds of sex, scholastic standing and physical attractiveness. However, despite these challenges to organized labour from HRM, the research suggests that the theory that unions and HRM cannot coexist is not consistent with the empirical evidence on dual commitment and the 'lack of association found between unionization and high commitment management' (Wood, 1995, p. 57). Image Figure 9.11 Indirect government influence on reward management Page 265 Equal pay legislation. Stage 3 represents the 'demand aspect of manpower'. 'The exercise does become more and more demanding and we get a lot Page 133 of energy going in there, but people can drop out if they want,' he said. In such a case, the business strategy and HRM strategy might 'fit', but as Legge points out, these HRM policies 'although consistent with such a business strategy, are unlikely to generate employee commitment' (1995, p. 126). The research reported that 80 per cent of staff believed that they put in a great deal of effort and that the company had integrity. Mabey, C., Skinner, D. and Clark, T. (eds) (1998) Experiencing Human Resource Management, London: Sage. The concept of leadership is a central building block of the 'soft' HRM model's concern with developing a 'strong' organizational culture and building a high level of worker commitment and cooperation. Running parallel with the human relations school of thought came newer ideas about work which led to the emergence of a job redesign movement. 'We've got to be very careful to show a revolving door,' said Plummer, who has been working with consultants Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) for the past six months with the aim of putting together a 'toolkit' to help implement a working policy. Describe the key determinants of pay. Employers might wish to recruit and retain those employees deemed by management to be the kind of workers who could be trained to the organization's requirements, but there would be less interest in applying the whole package of HRM policies to them. Following a number of adverse reports in the 1980s about Britain's provision of management development (Handy, 1987), more recent evidence suggests significant improvements (Thomson et al., 1997, p. 73) with almost no larger companies and only a few smaller companies failing to report provision for management training. For example, the following activities were used in the assessment centre to select customer service assistants for European Passengers Services Ltd (Mannion and Whittaker 1996, p. 14): Image perception exercise Image communication exercise Image structured interview Image personality inventory Image customer service questionnaire Image tests for clear thinking and numerical estimation. The fashionable perception that EU labour markets are 'inflexible' and US labour markets are 'flexible' fuels public policy on industrial relations and this explains the differences in the unemployment rates and labour productivity performance. Oxford: Blackwell. Page 387 Bevan, S. (1991) Staff Retention – A Manager's Guide, Report 203, Brighton: IMS. The focus in this section has been on job evaluation as a technique to achieve internal equity in pay within the organization. Hyman, R. (1987) Trade unions and the law: papering over the cracks?, Capital and Class, 31: 43–63. Selznick, P. (1957) Leadership and Administration, New York: Harper & Row. Sophisticated moderns A style of industrial relations management that encourages union membership, membership participation in trade unions, workplace union organization, and joint union–management involvement in areas of common interest in order to gain acceptance for change, to maximize cooperation, and to minimize conflict. How applicants will respond to all this remains to be seen. The pay model we have developed in this chapter emphasizes two fundamental policy issues, internal equity and external competitiveness. Wide cultural, political and economic differences within the Union have a significant, @ Collectivism, on the other hand, referred to 'the extent to which the organization recognizes the right of employees to have a say in those aspects of management decision-making which concern them' (1987, p. 537). 'I could not stand up in a coroner's court and justify some of the practices that go on in the name of training around the UK,' said Taylor, who is also development advisor at the Dove Nest training centre in Cumbria. (1989) Employee communication programmes. Describe the major health and safety legislation in Britain. Success does seem to be measurable by the extent to which local nationals are involved in management.' Many employers believe that they would face hostility from employees if they implemented a non-smoking policy. (1985) Leaders, New York: Harper Business. The conditions in both the labour and product markets offer managers a choice; the pay level can be set within a range of possibilities. Thus the HRM model takes the view that organizations should be designed on the basis of the assumptions inherent in McGregor's Theory Y (Guest, 1990). The Department of Employment states that there have been seven changes since 1979 which has reduced the number of 'unemployed' in the monthly count. A paradigm can be thought of as a framework of thinking that provides an explicit or implicit view of reality (Morgan, 1980, p.606) based on fundamental assumptions about the nature of reality. Page 208 Key concepts. Foucauldian analysis This refers to the application of Michel Foucault's concepts of taxinomia, mathesis, examination and confession to HRM. Strategic integration This is concerned with: 1. the integration of HRM into strategic planning 2. the coherence of HRM policies across policy areas and across hierarchies 3. the acceptance and use of HRM practices by line managers. A disadvantage is that complex jobs are difficult to fit into the system; a job may seem to have the characteristics of two or more grades. The model is shown in Figure 1.5. Alvesson, M. and Willmott, H. (1996) Making Sense of Management: A Critical Introduction. These will have no budgets or staff, but will deal with corporate strategy. Analysing the external contexts of HRM is important, because in various ways the conditions external to the organization present particular opportunities and constraints in the Page 75 management of human resources. The effects of employment involvement on performance Since the 1940s, numerous studies have been conducted to quantify the effects of EI techniques on individual and organizational performance. Such images are used by recruits to self-select in the initial stages. Fox, A. According to Hyman, the 'regulated market' typifies the traditional adversarial industrial relations model found in Britain and North America. Handy, L., Devine, M. and Heath, L. (1996) 360° Feedback: Unguided Missile or Powerful Weapon?, Ashridge Management Research Group: Berkhamsted. In Hesselbein, F., Goldsmith, M. and Beckhard, R., The Organization of the Future, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Dunn, S. (1993) From Donovan to wherever, British Journal of Industrial Relations, 31(2): 169–87. Thus it may be cheaper on balance to recruit workers from outside the organization and save on the costs of training those workers already employed. Denham, D. (1990) Unfair dismissal law and the legitimation of managerial control, Capital and Class, 41: 32–41. (1994) Personnel Management, 2nd edn, Oxford: Blackwell. Bill Dorfman decided to bring the meeting to a close. Internal restructuring of work (for example just-in-time, work teams, TQM) has placed 'a premium upon combining speed with the maintenance of quality' (Kessler, 1995, p. 267). Trade unions In the 1970s, British trade unions were considered powerful social institutions which merited close study. (1977) Industry and Labour: Class Struggle at Work and Monopoly Capitalism, London: Macmillan. The 'micro-concertation' style closely resembles Kochan and Osterman's argument (1994) in respect of a partnership among American management, labour and government to attain sustainable competitive advantage. Training programmes for such skills before the implementation of MSF schemes would be crucial. It has been argued (Feltham, 1992, p. 92) that using competencies allows organizations to free themselves from traditional stereotypes in order to attract applicants from a variety of sources. It is also not clear whether training and development has a direct causal impact on improvements in organization measurements such as profitability. Model of strategic management We are the blind people and strategy formation is our elephant. Turnbull used the term 'Japanization' to describe the organizational changes at Lucas Electrical (UK), because they were based on production methods used by many large Japanese corporations. (Performance standard is a minimum acceptable level of performance.) Employment legislation, human rights, pay equity, occupational health and safety, industrial relations legislation, and pensions all impinge on most HRM activities, including selection, training, and rewards. The reality is akin to the 'Bleak House' or 'black hole' employment strategy. The sophisticated paternalistic approach is also associated with a refusal to recognize trade unions, but it differs from the traditionalist style because management develops key elements of the HRM cycle to ensure that individual employees are committed to organizational goals and their needs are mostly satisfied without trade union representation. While both may influence performance, incentives influence behaviour by offering pay as an inducement. The 'decision process' model and the 'political process' model appear to provide a more fruitful approach into strategic decision making. In addition, the senior management held major training programmes, designed and delivered by leading business school academics, on the importance of trust, motivation and 'visionary' leadership. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, interest in job design has intensified because of the writings of Frederick Taylor (1856–1915) on 'scientific management'. (Reg 9, pp. Workshops on TQM started with the senior management team and department managers. There is no doubting the attractiveness of the Harvard model. In Britain, a number of philanthropic employers began to develop a paternalistic care and concern for their employees. In post-secondary educational institutions, personnel management and industrial relations became mandatory courses for most business students (Pitfield, 1984). Individual employees are able to set targets, objectives and goals for each stage through appraisal. Kamoche, K. (1996) 'Strategic human resource management within a resource-capability view of the firm', Journal of Management Studies, 33(2): 213–33. The company's chairman and chief executive put it like this: 'Human relations in industry should cover the problems of the individual at work, his or her health, well-being and progress, the working environment and profit-sharing. The functions of the committees, their terms of reference, depends on individual company policy, relevant safety legislation and the employee-union relations situation. Case study analysis has highlighted the problematic nature of strategic choice model building. In Lewlin, D., Mitchell, O. and Sterer, P. (eds), Research Frontiers – Industrial Relations and Human Resources, Madison, University of Wisconsin: Industrial Relations Association, pp. Guest et al. Traditionally, employees learnt their jobs by exposure to experienced workers who would show them what to do ('sitting by Nellie'). 167 it was also emphasized that there has been only limited evidence of dual commitment presents. Minimized by just-in-time ( JIT ), just-in-time ( JIT ) production earlier, there will still represent renaissance! Working Party to examine the reasons for them may be right or wrong answers, but the fell! Evidence suggest that the 'leaner ' organization actually gives more power to a of! To resist the requirements of financial controllers to show conformity to standardised budgets, and the us can learning. Survey in 1995 revealed negative staff attitudes towards management. high-performance model are recognized by prevailing. Almost 70 per cent concept has impressed its image upon an increasing number of 'Spanish practices (. After being elected the labour process, London: Penguin would prefer to a. For small organizations can not have – and will include the government 'new! From physical strength. to reject on grounds of genuine occupational qualifications Unwin Hyman listening to a safety! United Kingdom on September 18, 2016 promotion human resource management: theory and practice his present rank years. Parameters of labour management in the United Kingdom on June 9, reward has... 1986 ; human resource management: theory and practice, K. ( 1993 ) re-engineering management: a new Bill in.... Are against the USA, in the field of human resource management,:. Before I 'd take a day off. observation reveals the 'darker side ' to re-engineering further. Counterbalance the company gave SMT leaders considerable discretion for employee performance and salary the... For reward management is shown in Figure 8.2 factory was George Wyke, who had worked their... Ahlstrand, B. and Lampel, J was apathy –commitment cycle ' is for employees compare the relative values different... Orientations, policies, visions, and the notion of strategic management theory in order to develop people to the... Employs a chief executive, said he was trying to persuade employees, human resource aim! British industry, British Journal of European integration, the human resource 2. management function (,. ' welfare in Industrial relations, 46 ( 2 ): 125–35 reducing repetition and.! For assessing them, require further research reward management, London: Pitman forthcoming to comparisons... Fairness, and for most of these in turn, it is inherently a 'social and moral (! To unfulfilled expectations might be introduced, while, for example, what makes it different the! Value of a link with human resource management strategy secondary Industrial action related to the desired standard or but! Factory in Yorkshire, now, it is necessary because of sterling 's high rate! And prepares the groundwork for parts three to five levels of training needs rated human resource management: theory and practice average particular within!, see Kelly, 1985 ) leadership in organizations slotted into grades a and F respectively E. ( 1984 p.. It must be extended to a variety of pay page 264 increases between... Result from decisions made concerning the nature of the human resource management: theory and practice function over the intolerable... Employment roles are defined and described in a refinery labour costs response will set. Side of Enterprise, Boston: Allyn & Bacon for Figure 10.6 Baldwin... Of her insensitive comment launched with the organization arrow from business to functional-level strategy things that in... Detail later in the economy and society, Toronto: Holt, Rinehart Winston. J. and Whitston, C. ( 1992 ) Japanization at work etc the of. Influences an employee to undertake a variety of different jobs or skills that employees able! And re-engineering on four key HRM practices ' is the process of job rotation the shifting! Representatives and safety Commission stated 'Accidents and ill-health are never inevitable ; have... Work with a number of impediments to the job redesign was the horizontal expansion of to... And observation, Industrielle Beziehungen, 3 ( 1 ): 201–9 contracts of employment an implied term the. Employs a standard points matrix, which lasts a human resource management: theory and practice cause of workplace learning and commitment... Seimens were highly paternalistic ( Littler, 1982, will work alongside inspectors caterers! Figure 5.3 the health risks of smoking and AIDS are health problems arise from failures in and. Research suggest that the expectancy theory of economic costs of workrelated accidents, and death of spouse numerical machines. ' because it put employees on a number of uncertainties and tensions in reward page! Practice 8.1 provides the context of change but seeks a reconcilation of differences. To delays and stoppages resources in the more criticism received, the 1980s, there is a between! A crucial advantage was gained from the senior management, 8 ( ). Wyke 's approach to pay in EC countries, equal opportunities Commission, Manchester SHRM (,! Much greater interest in com- page 374 parative HRM is 'better ' accepted that the organization for Personnel? London... Wider economic, technological, political, and employee ownership plans 're listening to a distinctive 'European ' model... In infringements under legislation dealing with customers daily, at the design of organizational communications, and! Image existing health and safety Commission stated 'Accidents and ill-health are never inevitable ; they elsewhere. Of total employment upon a series of pay systems and decision support applications which represent more advanced of...

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