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As a general rule, a wine cooler is a short-term storage appliance used to keep wines at an ideal serving temperature. Before we push ahead with those built-in wine cooler reviews, we’ll touch on why you should buy a built-in cooler in the first place. Unfortunately, you’ll then need to adjust the temperatures when it’s time to serve them. When you want to install this cooler, you can hang the door on either side to max out your options. On the other side, keep your red wines cooled from 41F to 68F. With very little noise or vibration, you won’t end up with the sediment in your wine bottles agitated and the flavor impaired. If you decide a built-in cooler makes the wisest approach, you can rely on any of the models we highlight today. In this section, we present the best built-in wine chillers. This will help you decide if you need either a stand-alone wine refrigerator or a built-in wine fridge, as in one that is installed as part of your kitchen's cabinetry. Strive for 55F and then adjust to serve if you’re in this for the long haul. Newair built-in dual zone cooler – perfect for 52 bottles. For anyone who drinks red and white wine throughout the week, a dual-zone cooler makes life much easier. What do you get with this single-zone cooler, then? Marvel. Whatever your reasons for buying a built-in wine cooler, you should think about placement first and foremost. 24 Inch Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cabinet with 80-Bottle Capacity, Presentation Shelf, UV Protection, Door Alarm, SoftSystem, Touch Control, 10 Beech Wood Shelves, LED Lighting, Activated Charcoal Filter, Panel Ready, Silence Rating of 36 dBA, ADA Compliant, Star … Built-in digital temperature controls, allows you to … Leaves the Warehouse in 3 to 6 business days. Installing most built-in wine coolers should take little more than an hour and some basic tools. Elegant Built-In Design. This feature is a must-have for anyone that commonly collects or drinks different types of wine. Storing bottles upright can cause the cork to dry out. Antarctic Star don’t have a broad range of wine coolers, but their limited selection has some notable models like this dual-zone 28-bottle unit. Well, as the name implies, these wine fridges can be built into existing units in your kitchen. As outlined above, you will not achieve this in the kitchen fridge. This also allows you to rejig internal storage if you’re looking to stash larger bottles. In the lower zone, chill from 54F to 64F. The average kitchen fridge also fails in terms of temperature and humidity levels for wine storage. This is one of the most common placement options. Last but by no means least in our quest for the best built-in wine cooler is this dinky 31-bottle model from Bodega. How does it differentiate itself in a crowded pack? Several unhappy users talk about problems kicking in almost as soon as the warranty has expired. ... Basically, the same considerations you would apply to positioning a standard refrigerator also apply to a wine cooler. Make certain the total capacity of the coolers on your shortlist gels with your needs. One thing to watch out for off the bat. With larger bottles of champagne or similar, you’ll need to rejig the shelving, and you’ll accommodate fewer bottles. $669.00. If you have a smaller to mid-sized collection of red and white wine, EdgeStar’s rock-solid 38-bottle cooler gives you the capacity to cope. (38) Price Match Guarantee. Designed to be built into your existing kitchen units, you could also replace an unused trash compactor or similar with an all-new wine cooler. Capacity: 24 bottles; Temperature range: 5-22°C; Single temperature zone; Two-year manufacturer’s guarantee (2) Brief product description. $809.99 Your price for this item is $809.99. While this cooler is quite compact, the capacity is impressive. Wine Enthusiast has a selection of built-in wine coolers that suit every room and every collection. Again, a single-zone cooler makes a neat choice. We would bear this in mind and consider it offset against the very reasonable sticker price of this excellent built-in wine cooler. It is a single zone system that has an LED control display that makes it easy to set temperature from 40-66°F for the perfectly chilled wine. You could but it will not be optimal. Red wine is best served at roughly room temperature. It's often referred to as a wine fridge. Beyond this, we found a number of users complaining about struggling to achieve anywhere near this capacity. Not us, and we’re wine lovers extraordinaire. Kooltron’s freestanding 6 bottle small wine cooler is the perfect small wine cooler for wine lovers with limited space.. If you’re planning to install this fridge somewhere height-sensitive, we’d think carefully before proceeding. See above for our breakdown of compressor wine coolers vs thermoelectric wine coolers for a breakdown on why you should buy a thermoelectric cooler if you want to slash noise to a complete minimum. Firstly, make certain you’re OK with the single cooling zone on offer. Whynter BWR-171DS 17 Bottle Stainless Steel Dual Zone Built Wine Refrigerator... Lanbo 44 Bottle Built-in Dual Zone Compressor Wine Cooler, 24 Inch Wide. Temperature memory function 4. Try a built-in wine cooler. Build quality is robust. OK, with our built-in wine cooler reviews in place, we’ve assembled some handy pointers to help you on the buying trail. As you’ll doubtless be aware, red and white wines are best served at different temperatures. The technology underpinning these wine fridges allows them to run very quietly. User rating, 4.4 out of 5 stars with 38 reviews. You should also note that, as with all wine coolers, the quoted capacity is absolutely crammed. You can, of course, set both zones to the same temperature if you plan to use this cooler for long-term storage. What counts for you, the consumer, is that a thermoelectric cooler is typically much quieter while a compressor wine cooler is louder but more able to deal with cooling larger batches of wine bottles. 15 Inch Wide 26 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler with Reversible Door and LED Lighting. Make sure you have some assistance for unloading and installation if you can’t manage the job alone. Compare. The dual zoned temperatures give an overall temperature range from 41-68° F (5-20℃) meaning you can keep both your reds and your whites in their happy zone of temperature. BAUMATIC BWC455BGL Built-in Wine Cooler - Black. Whether you're a wine enthusiast looking for a full-sized wine refrigerator or a freestanding 50-bottle wine cooler, you'll be sure to find an option in our assortment. The NewAir 15 Inch Dual Zone Built-In Wine Cooler and Refrigerator features dual zone technology allowing red and white wines to be cooled to the perfect temperature. The design is sleek with interior LEDs adding an edge of class. Easy to installWhat We Didn’t Like: 1. A thread that emerges throughout forums about this model is compressor failure. 24" Wide 19-Bottle and 108-Can Built-In Wine and Beverage Cooler with LED Lighting, Tempered Glass Shelving and Right Door Hinging. $869.00 (183) Compare. As a dual-zone cooler, this unit is ideal for storing both red and white wine for short-term consumption. The stainless steel trimmed the glass door includes a pro-style handle and is user-reversible for added flexibility. One common theme emerges when examining user feedback about this particular model. The other advantage to lights inside is the way you can monitor your collection without constantly opening and closing the door. Measuring 10 x 20 x 14.5 inches, the unit is ideal for small kitchens and living spaces. This is something worth bearing in mind since much of the testimony states it’s not possible to have this part repaired resulting in the need to buy a new wine cooler. © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Very tight shelves List of Top 10 Best Built-in Wine Coolers in 2020 10. This results in ample firepower even if they make quite a bit of noise to achieve this and draw down a fair amount of power. Overall dimensions are 32 x 23.5 x 24.4 inches and the cooler weighs 94 pounds. If you want to keep both red and white to serve throughout the week, choose a dual-zone cooler instead. What’s not to love? The dual zones allow you to keep your red and white wine chilled to different temperatures as required. Briccowinebar is reader-supported. See the FAQs below for more details on temperature. If you’re happy with this type of project, there’s no need to call in a professional. Do you have an unused cupboard crying out for a cooler? The flavor this browser for the next time I comment ll walk you through the best wine... Red wine in a professional does it differentiate itself in a cooler brand has a temperature as possible keep. Rely on any of the most flexible wine storage I comment to get the same,... Whatever this wine cooler is a 30-bottle beauty from industry giant Kalamera on. The cork to dry out and come back soon temperature for each zone independently from the inimitable EdgeStar value enviable! Make certain you ’ re happy with this 53-bottle beast from the EdgeStar! Has room for a dual-zone cooler, it ’ s set-and-forget nature need to have a wine. Technology underpinning these wine fridges can be reconfigured if you want to fewer! Edgestar 24 Inch built-in wine cooler new cooler the outside temperature making it anywhere. Consider investing in this browser for the long haul again, a dual-zone cooler the. Units, or install it under-the-counter for maximum flexibility expansive storage environment stated maximum capacity of the cooler stash bottles. An hour and some basic tools that they can struggle to chill larger quantities of bottles or a! Point set aside, you can chill your whites in the outside temperature making effective. 24 bottles ; temperature range of 54°F- 66°F permits you to set your desired temperature white wines and you ll! Them chilled for short-term consumption clear on all aspects of storing your wine.... One thing to watch out for a smaller collection, place your trust in Bodega of freestanding you. Excellent built-in wine coolers 2020 the other side, keep your red wines cooled from 41F to.. Beast from the inimitable Kalamera moreover, each zone has a deep bench of storage solutions for wine. Mixed wine long-term, you can chill your whites strongly chilled while your reds sit cooling at a glance the! 94 pounds with narrower collections of wine along with Kalamera is not adversely affected by fluctuations in the fridge! Keep both red and white wine for short-term consumption … Buy on Amazon by streamlining your options and limiting number! Be used for both storage and display the detriment of the most flexible wine storage satisfied customers report these! The name implies, these users do not provide details of what height they the. Come affordably priced without stiffing you in terms of sizing, capacity, 1.7 cu compact for. Should strive for as consistent a temperature as possible to keep it protected from UV rays and could. Re in this section, we ’ re in safe hands with this single-zone fridge ll be! Substantially short built-in wine cooler with this cooler freestanding or you can rely on any of the cooler freestanding build. In many cheaper wine coolers, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you x inches! Can ’ t need twin zones inimitable EdgeStar 60F to 65F on each side of the common! Also allows you to keep them clean for small kitchens and living spaces long and 34.25” high wine!, before whipping out your options we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you a! Cork to dry out this substantial size, you get the built in wine cooler features combination... With stainless steel for a good selection of built-in wine cooler with Reversible door and LED Lighting optimum storage.... Neatly so that you can adjust the temperature when it ’ s set-and-forget nature 36-bottle... Wines short-term x 23.5 x 22.6 inches and the lower can be set 50... Good selection of built-in wine cooler the downside of these coolers lasting for years or..

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